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Aren't you sick of being sick and tired of feeling tired?!

Aren't you fed up with feeling that a truly enjoyable, fulfilling life is always just out of reach?

Are you still asking yourself, "How much do I need to earn, or what do I need to do just to be healthy and happy?"

That's why we created The Human Unleashed program, to take you on the journey to the life you yearn for...
and that you truly deserve!

So What Can You Do?

The first thing to understand is the root of all this dis-ease is not you; it is the fact that, in a number of vital areas, the way you live today is at odds with your true, ancestral nature.

While our technology has advanced incredibly rapidly, biologically-speaking human beings are still essentially stone-age. We evolved over millions of years to exist in beautiful harmony with the natural world around us: the sun, the seasons, the soil, our food... all the various forms of fluctuating energy that our ancestors bathed in every day of the year.

And when we are in tune with the natural ebbs and flows of energy, we are in our natural, true, ancestral state of health and happiness!

That's why, when we're sitting in a car or at a desk, we're likely to dream about hiking, fishing, sailing, gardening, hunting, or simply relaxing in the sunshine. Or, when we're working ourselves to exhaustion, we daydream about retirement  being in a garden or travelling in Nature.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we are still the same creatures, Nature hasn't changed, but the environment around us daily is radically different.

Now, we have artificial light that means we can work 24/7. We spend increasing amounts of time indoors. We eat food that has been transported halfway round the world from a country we've never seen, or other stuff made in factories from ingredients humans have never consumed before. We're exposed to a huge range of unfamiliar electromagnetic fields... the list goes on and on.

And it has all come about very recently... mostly just in the past few hundred years, which is a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms!

Is it any surprise that spending the majority of our time in an environment that's totally alien to our ancestral way of being could affect us negatively in all kinds of ways?

That's the bad news. The good news is that most of those factors are actually under your control. The key to rediscovering your natural state of balance will not be found in acquiring more money or more technology... it lies in restoring your daily routine to one that suits your true human condition.

More good news! Those changes you need to make to get back in tune with Nature are easily achievable!

The Human Unleashed Program will show you the way. Led by three master practitioners who have spent years researching, testing, and applying the techniques and adjustments, you'll discover why your body has been sick, why your emotions have been held back, and why your spirit has been crying out for so long.

If you are ready, your guides are here to help. Ready?

Introducing The Human Unleashed

The unique online program designed to help you access the health, vitality, and energy you need - in weeks!

The Human Unleashed course is an immersive online course that will take you step-by-step through all the key factors that contribute to modern dis-ease, then presents solutions that you can implement in your daily life. You can usually cover the core course materials in your first three months, which we would recommend, but you may choose to work faster.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as you sign up, you'll get instant access to all the course materials, delivered primarily through videos, which you can work through at your own pace. As well as the videos from the team, we'll also give you links to further research, in case you want to dig deeper. Plus, on top of the core material, we're also adding a range of additional bonuses (see below). As soon as you start applying the easy-to-follow tips and advice in your own life, you'll start seeing numerous benefits, showing you how amazing and fulfilling life truly can be!

Feel Fit & Healthy

Simply by following The Human Unleashed program, you will be more resistant to illness and injury, and enjoy faster recovery and restoration to full health.

Incredible Energy

You will discover deep, restorative sleep, which you may not remember enjoying for years, leading to an abundance of energy and a feeling of wellbeing.

Increased Happiness

All the life changes we'll offer you combine to leave you feeling more joyous, more positive, and excited about living a life you truly love.

Greater Feeling of Freedom

When your body, energy, and moods are working the way they are meant to be, you will realize a new sense of freedom and possibility for what you can do in life.

...but that's just the start!

Just check out what you'll get when you join

The six core modules of The Human Unleashed provide all the resources you need to transform your wellbeing and human potential on every level.


Program 1: The Pillars of Human Health & Performance

The team starts taking you through the fundamentals of what human beings need in order to remain in a healthful and energetic state. Understanding the pillars of human health and performance are key to appreciating the modern disconnect with our ancestral biology and cycles. At the end of this program, you will have a new understanding of what you really need, why modern "healthcare" has such a poor record in optimizing human health and performance, and the challenges your body, mind, emotions, and spirit face on a daily basis.


Program 2: The Causes of Dis-ease

In the second program, the team goes deeper into the various polluting influences of modern life, including artificial light, the epidemic of poor sleep, diet, chemicals, medical and dental procedures, food and hydration, posture... and many more. You will gain a far greater insight into how these various unnatural influences disrupt your body's functions on a cellular and mitochondrial level, and why simple changes to daily living can have such a profound positive impact on your enjoyment of life.


Program 3: Your Body’s Natural Rhythms Unleashed

Now we have a profound understanding of what human beings need in order to perform at our optimal levels, and the challenges that modern life introduces, we'll take it to another level by delving deeper into the mysteries of how our beings connect to Nature's rhythms (which Western medicine has ignored and all but forgotten). These include: natural and non-natural light, daily circadian rhythm, lunar cycles, the annual solar cycles, and the way these forces influence your microbiome. Simply learning how to plan your life in harmony with these rhythms can have deliver instant and profound impact on your health and energy.


Program 4: Your Physical Potential Unleashed

Have you wondered why modern humans are the only animal on earth that worries about what it should eat and drink, or the right way to exercise? It is no wonder when we are bombarded with so much information on food, diet, and fitness! The end result is often confusion, obesity, and obsession with looking for miracle diets or magic supplements that will restore our balance and help us rediscover our hidden levels of energy and performance. In this awesome program, the team get rid of all the myths and misinformation and give you the simple facts, based on your new understanding of ancestral health. We'll cover what you should eat and - more importantly - when you should eat, how to exercise in a way that delivers the maximum benefits with the least effort (even if you're sick), and how to tap into the hidden benefits of cold thermogenesis and fasting.


Program 5: Your Mind & Spirit Unleashed

Every indigenous tribe has its medicine system that fully appreciates the fact that the health of body, mind, and spirit are intimately and inseparably intertwined. Modern allopathic "healthcare" has thrown out this ancient knowledge, and it is only just starting to creep back into mainstream knowledge and practice. In Program 5, we'll rediscover the true depth of these connections: how our emotions give us essential and subtle signals, how even negative thoughts and feelings can help us to heal, the essential importance of walking your own life's path, then dive into the ultimate ancestral disconnect that is perpetuated by the countless spiritual myths that only serve to distract us from the knowledge we already possess. At the end of Program 5, you will feel a new sense of confidence  to listen to the voice of truth inside you, and the courage to let it guide you to true, profound health.


Program 6: Money Unleashed

Money is an unavoidable fact of modern life, but so many of us are stuck working for money, instead of having it work for us! We added Program 6: Money Unleashed to address one of the most common issues people express when faced with the challenges of making even modest lifestyle adjustments: "How can I afford to make these changes?" We'll go under the skin of our relationships with money and work, to liberate our thinking and to transform the way we relate to them. Get ready to reevaluate everything and to discover a new freedom to become the master of your own destiny! (We're even giving you a whole new bonus course that can take you step-by-step through the process of replacing the drudgery of a job with your own business that has you jumping out of bed on Monday mornings!)


Bonus Program: Expert Interviews!

Nobody can possibly keep on top of all the incredible progress being made in human performance and health! That's why, in addition to the on-going core material (which we'll keep updated as we discover new insights through research and experimentation) the THU team will also bring in other experts in their own specialist areas to share their deeper insights and knowledge. These will be made available as webinars which will also be recorded and made available in your member's area.

Free sample video:
"Why the Modern Diet is Killing Us"
(from Program 2: The Causes of Dis-ease)


Exclusively for Members!

Imagine having a program like The Human Unleashed built around YOU and your individual needs! Well, that's exactly what we're offering you with our live Q&A webinars.

Bonus 1
Q&A Webinars

Founder Group members get exclusive invites to attend two Q&A webinars each month.

In these webinars, you'll get the opportunity to ask your own burning questions and get personal guidance from the panel on how you can apply the recommendations most effectively for your individual situation.

Bonus 2
Private Group Membership

In addition to the exclusive webinars, we'll be running a private social media group only for THU Founder Members.

That means even between the bi-weekly webinars, you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions and share insights with other people who are on the THU journey with you.

Bonus 3
Extra Discounts

What's more, Founder Group members are entitled to a 10% discount on any conferences, courses or products that the team releases, plus one-to-one consults with the team.

So even if you need a more direct, personal plan... whether it's for diet, health, healing, exercise, money, or any other topic... you'll save!

Check out this free video of one of the regular bi-weekly Q&A webinars (94 minutes)

Meet your coaches

The Human Unleashed is a collaboration between four subject matter experts, who each offer you the benefit of their individual decades of unique research and experimentation.

Phil Escott

Autoimmunity survivor and pioneer

Phil's remarkable story took him from crippling psoriatic arthritis through years of personal research, trial and error, through to thriving health, making him an expert on healing autoimmunity.

Graeme Norbury

Stockbroker turned health guru

Graeme spent years in the City analyzing and assessing businesses and trends in health and wellness. His makes the science on cellular and mitochondrial health accessible to all.

Dr. Jeremy Ayres

21st Century medicine man

Jeremy's foundation in osteopathy and natural healing together with his fascination for Eastern philosophy and traditional methods make him an incredibly effective holistic healer.

Ben Hunt

Helping bring the message to the world

Ben is a prolific author and blogger on Internet marketing, sustainability, and personal growth who is passionate about finding the most authentic way to live as a human being.

Why Join The Human Unleashed?

It is extremely hard to put a value on health, and even harder to put a value on things like happiness and enhanced performance. When we move on to considering those things for our children and other family members, the task is impossible.

Put simply, we encourage you to join the private THU community as a Founder Member if you have known in your guts for a long time that there is a better life waiting for you.

Being part of THU and following the roadmap to health and vitality does not require faith or belief: you don't have to believe anything you hear! All you need to do is be willing to try the recommended methods out for yourself, and see what really works for YOU.

If you are seeking a more profound and connected experience of life, then we think you're in the perfect place and we would love to share the journey with you!

Here's What People are Saying About the Course

Dawn Gusty

We were given everything we need to heal ourselves starting with our own bodies. The earth, the sun, food and water. But the systems of this world have deceived us and kept us from True healing. THU is a group of true healers that understand these things and can share that with all of us.We are all able to heal and live healthy and strong lives! Allopathic medicine failed me. THU principles will heal me. Thank God for this group of people and the information they are sharing!

Each of the leaders of THU Group has provided candid truths regarding many diverse issues that affect well being.  They do so while cheering us on with one major goal in mind: for each and every one of us to reach a healthier state.  Of utmost importance to me has been the amount of support I feel knowing this.  Each has his own area of expertise which has proven invaluable; questions posed during the Webinar sessions are always addressed, building a strong sense of community.  In times where there is so much conflicting advice, this group sets the record straight.  Because of their input and guidance, I remind myself constantly that a healthy state truly is achievable, despite other information from other sources, including well-meaning practitioners or "experts" - thus, abolishing my own self-doubts that I can do it. 


Peace Ravenwood

Thanks to the THU Team, I am learning so much about creating a more healthy, balanaced and aware life which has been helping all of us in the family to reverse our illnesses and pay more attention to what is truth in a mad and crazy world of misinformation led by the media and our governments,  THU has opened my already wide awake eyes even more, to what lies beneath the surface of all the critical subjects, even the super woo woo stuff i am really into, I am hearing more great stuff and can't wait to carry on learning - GO TEAM!

If ever there was a group of people to get your common sense juices flowing, the four gents of THU are certainly up to the task and then some. They have not only kept me intrigued video after video jones-ing for the next one, but continue furthering the expansion of my open mind each time. Their advice has helped me get a better grasp of ALL the bio-hacks necessary to improve my emotional, mental and physical states, where I find myself feeling better and better day to day. The biggest improvement has been in my peace of mind, which trickles down to my physical state in a HUGE way. The talks about TRUTH on all subjects is just ‘butter on the steak’! I appreciate every one of you and the hard work you put into helping educate us for the benefit of humankind!!!

Éva LaRoche

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