The Human Unleashed

Project is now closed.

Dear friends,

We have taken the decision to draw The Human Unleashed membership to a close. We have enjoyed the past 3+ years and 200 episodes, including our Q&A sessions and COVID discussions, and now it is time to move on.

The simple truth is, the THU brand itself has not grown over that time, and the four of us want to make the biggest difference we can in the world. As we often say, we are all here to learn and we must always be ready to admit we don't know it all.
So we have been forced to admit that The Human Unleashed may not be the right vehicle for helping play our part in fixing the mess the world is in now.

However, on the positive side, we now have other vehicles that could!

  • The Red Pill Revolution has reached far more hearts and minds, and has branched out to become its own publishing platform.
  • The Red Pill Food Revolution, 2 years in the creation, is due to be published in January 2023, and we have very high hopes that it will also make a big impact.
  • Ben and Phil are launching the first "Big Fat Challenge" at
  • Jeremy has also just launched which has its own members area and a 90-day reset challenge in conjunction with Graeme.

So it feels as though the time is right to put our energies into these and future projects alongside our brilliant partner John Gusty. They may not necessarily be as a four- or five-piece group, but in new collaborations that can evolve over time.

We hope to keep in touch with all of you and to see you flourishing through 2023 and beyond!