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Check out the video from the 2019 Carnivore Conference at Finca Monasterio (31 mins)
The 2021 Spain Conference will be at the same amazing location.

Watch this first!

Click the button, then "Signup here" on the following page to get instant FULL access to all 8.5 hours of incredible presentations from the 2019 Conference, featuring Dr. Paul Mabry, Dr. Zsófia Clemens, Dr. Jeremy Ayres, Graeme Norbury, and Phil Escott.

Testimonials about the 2019 Conference

Rindy Anstee with Phil Escott

Éva LaRoche with Phil Escott

Conference 2021
May 3 - 7, 2021

The location is, again, the beautiful, atmospheric Hotel Finca Monasterio De San Martin, just 30 minutes from Gibraltar and a little further from Malaga International Airports (note, airport transfers are not included).

A dedicated chef is brought in to prepare the exquisite, high quality carnivore meals, enjoyed by everyone, with both raw and cooked carnivore options available upon request of your preferences.

The conference opens Monday, 3rd May, 2021, with a welcome evening banquet and event to introduce this year’s speakers.

A sumptuous and bountiful breakfast is served each day between 7-9am. There will be three one-hour lectures on each of the three days of the main conference, each followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

After each presentation there will be a 30-minute break when tea and coffee are served.

Each day the lectures begin at 10am and complete around 4pm, with a further one-hour Q&A round table featuring the speakers who presented that day.

Every evening a divine evening meal will be served between 6-8pm with a broad range of the highest quality of carnivorous foods, beautifully presented for guests to indulge till their satiety.

The evenings offer an opportunity to drink and be merry at the authentic Spanish Hotel bar and mingle with the speakers. Expect conversations to draw long into the warm and aromatic evenings.

The closing day of the conference will feature a round table of all speakers with an extensive Q&A session, and with Phil Escott closing the 2020 conference.

A final evening's celebrations and dining will be enjoyed, friendships cemented, and much fun and love to be shared. A parting breakfast can be enjoyed the morning of the 15th, before fond farewells are shared.

Included with all bookings...

  • Welcome dinner on Monday 3rd
  • All food provided for 3 days of Conference
  • Access to all 3 days of presentations
  • Video copies of all presentations
  • Departure breakfast on 7th

The conference will be professionally filmed, with all lectures available within 7 days of the conference completion, free to guests and a small fee for non-guests. Bonus interviews will be included as the key speakers enjoy podcast interviews with The Human Unleashed team (THU) of Phil Escott, Graeme Norbury, Jeremy Ayres, and host, Ben Hunt.

Guests will be encouraged to give 15 minutes to the film crew, for an interview of your story and experience of carnivory and the conference. (See https://thehumanunleashed.com/conferences/ to view highlights of the interviews from Conference 2019.)

So, when bookings open, come and join us for an unforgettable conference in Spanish paradise.

Booking Options to be confirmed

Conference with twin or double room at the Monastery
Includes 4 nights' accommodation, full conference access, all meals for two people.


Day Access to Conference only
Full conference access for 3 days, all meals for one attendee. For those who prefer to arrange their own accommodation.


Conference with Yurt Glamping for two people
Includes 4 nights' accommodation, full conference access, all meals for two people.


Finca Monasterio, Ctra. A2101 - Km. 4, 11340 Montenegral Alto, Spain


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