Archive of Discussions on the Covid-19 Virus Crisis

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Session #24: January 07, 2021

Session #23: December 16, 2020

Session #22: November 10, 2020

Session #21: October 06, 2020

Session #20: September 07, 2020

Session #19: August 10, 2020

Session #18: July 19, 2020: "The Final Nail?"

Session #17: June 30, 2020

Session #16: June 16, 2020

Also watch the video referenced in Episode 16: "Perspectives on the Pandemic - The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse - Episode Nine" 

Session #15: June 07, 2020

Session #14: May 26, 2020

Session #13: May 13, 2020: "What's really going on?"

Session #12: May 10, 2020

Session #11: April 26, 2020

Additional resources for Session #11

Session #10: April 21, 2020

Session #8: April 7, 2020

Session #5: March 26, 2020

Session #4: March 23, 2020

Session #3: Q&A Session, March 22, 2020

Session #1: March 17, 2020

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